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Week 8

Week 7

Progress Renders

These are some progress renders. I am having a difficult time understanding lighting and still have to experiment with that. The problem with movable lights is that they also create really dark shadows and no bounce light. I may change some to static so it would illuminated more of the dark parts.

I imported in some more assets like the pot, cup, and tree of life. I still need to figure out how to add the leaves to the tree, but just wanted to see how it looked in the environment so far.


I finished modeling the branches of the tree of life by extruding along curves. I never really modeled foliage before, so this project really helped me understand some good and bad ways to model organically. I am still trying to figure out how to add planes (which I will use as leaves) to the branches.

I also UVed the tree but still have to go back and fix some areas that seem stretched. I mostly just wanted to see how it looking in the environment, so I began texturing it.


For the pot and cup, I only needed one texture map set for both objects. I was able to assign different 'materials' by baking the UVs into a Color ID Map which reads the separate poly groups and allows you to apply certain texture layers to certain objects.


This creates the need for only one set of texture maps for a group of objects rather than multiple texture maps for each separate object. I had sort of forgotten this process, so it was great getting a chance to refresh my skills.

UVing and Texturing


I made a basic master material with a Texture, Normal Map, and Occlusion Roughness Map and made them all parameters so that I could instance the master material into different materials for my assets. I also added a switch node that allows me to choose if I want to use a roughness value or plug in a roughness map depending on the asset.


The last image shows the different instances I made of the master material for each of my assets. Since they are only instances, I don't have to go into each of their node graphs, but can just change their textures through their parameters.

Week 6


I wanted to make some more narrative telling assets. I was inspired by the Tree of Life and how it metaphorically connects all living things. I though this went well with the story I want to tell, so I began modeling a tree based off of that idea and want it to be a monument in the environment.

To make the branches, I extruded circularized faces along a curve to make swooping gestures. I still need to work on making it more grandiose and detailed. I also modeled the teapot and cup that the monk would use based off the storyboards.