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For this project, I chose a Scanning Electron Microscope image of lung cancer cells. The image attracted me because of its strong lighting, colors, and complicated geometry. I used Nuke to darken the shadows and add a blue tint to some areas.

Basic Geometry - Visualizer Integrator

Basic Geometry


Hair Geo Script

Basic Colors

Initially, I could not figure out how to create the hairlike geometry from the reference. I made a python script that created random, bent cylinders on the selected vertices, but this method did achieve my desired look. A C language script written by Professor Malcolm Kesson (2020) was used to create randomly rotated and sized toruses located at and aligned to each vertex normal. This added a cilia or hair like quality to the surface that did not require procedural modeling. I modeled the larger, more prominent particles.

OSL Shaders & Shading Network

Edge OSL Shader

Edge + Directional + Alligator OSL Shaders