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Inspiration & References

I worked with three others on this class project. The assignment was to create a short advertisement for a product. We decided to make one on a Japanese drink called Ramune. The bottle design makes it so one had to push into the lid to release a marble kept inside. The marble acts as the carbonation catalyst and is a really fun and important aspect of the product. Ramune also comes in many fruity flavors which inspired a fruit ninja type of style to the advertisement. It was definitely a lot of fun working on this project especially since it was my first time collaborating with others on an animation. I learn a lot about animating, modeling, and texturing during the process.



We began with a storyboard to plan out how the shots would look and the actions that would take place. We wanted to give a very energetic portrayal. After getting the basic concept down. We blocked out the basic shapes of the fruit and bottle and created an animatic. This established the basis for camera movements and animation.



Modeling & Look Development

I modeled the grapes and strawberry and was in charge of a majority of animating. Through the process I learned how to make bump and displacement maps from textures through Photoshop. I also learned how to use the graph editor to modify keys. This was the first time I was able to do so much animating. There are still ways for me to improve, but I am glad to have learned so much during this group effort.

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